Samsung Galaxy Note7: Australian Price And Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note7: Australian Price And Release Date

Know you want one of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note7 smartphones? Don’t really care about what sets it apart from the crowd? Only really want to know how much you’ll pay in Australia and when you can get one — and what you’ll get as a bonus for ordering early? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll keep it super-short and sickly sweet. The Galaxy Note7 — the same hardware under the hood as the Galaxy S7, but with 64GB of storage and a 3500mAh battery and the best S Pen stylus ever; the first phone with Gorilla Glass 5; a phone with an infrared iris scanner for extra biometric security; the most refined styling and the least software bloat of any Samsung smartphone yet — is a very nice phone.

Samsung’s New Galaxy Note7: Everything You Need To Know

Barely more than a fortnight will pass between today’s announcement and the on-sale date of the newest Galaxy Note smartphone. Samsung will ship the Galaxy Note7 into Australian buyers’ hands on Friday 19 August. The phone will be available for pre-order from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, Samsung Retail and from 5 August until 18 August, and every pre-order made will receive a free Samsung Evo Plus 256GB microSD card valued at $299.

That’s a huge incentive to pre-order the Note7. Where rumours had suggested a new Gear VR might be the pre-order bonus, the SD card makes sense — when you’re using a phone to watch lots of high-res video, and you’re creating GIFs from those videos left right and centre, and you’re downloading music directly to your phone in the highest possible quality — you know, the kind of things that Note users actually do — having plenty of storage space is crucial, and Samsung’s Aussie offer for a total of 320GB of storage inside your skinny Note7 is a pretty tempting one.

Samsung will stock three of the four available colour variants for the Galaxy Note7 when it launches in Australia. We’ll get the dark Onyx Black, the chrome Silver Titanium, and the shiny Gold Platinum, but we’ll miss out on the attractive — but niche appeal — Blue Coral. First-party accessories should be largely and widely available, but we’re just waiting on confirmation of exactly which add-ons you can expect to see in Australia for the phone’s launch.

And as for how much you’ll pay? The Note7’s retail price will be $1349 for any of the three colour variants, and that four-figure price tag will get you the single 64GB internal storage version that will be available around the world. Unlike the S7, which was shipped around the world in a variety of dual-SIM and 32GB/64GB versions, the Note7 will be a one-size-fits-all model for all different parts of the world.

Gizmodo travelled to New York as a guest of Samsung Australia.