Please Add Spartacus to The Long List Of 'Classics Getting Movies Set In The Future'

Take any popular movie narrative, put it in the future, and odds are it's either already been made, currently in production or will be eventually be made (Robin Hood and The Great Escape for just two examples). Now the tale of Spartacus has joined this esteemed group, thanks to an upcoming film titled The Champion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Olivier Megaton (Taken 2 and 3) will helm the film from a script by Hal Ozsan, a long time character actor turned writer. In the film, a man wrongfully imprisoned for terrorism must fight his way through his prison's gladiator program to gain his freedom... in the future.

Simple? Yes. Ridiculous? Kind of. But one-on-one gladiator battles in a future setting with crazy advanced weapons sounds pretty entertaining.

Production of The Champion may start in early 2017.

[Hollywood Reporter]

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