Our 7 Favourite Films

Our 7 Favourite Films

If you frequent Kotaku Australia, you might have seen us hopping onboard the #7favegames hashtag and writing our own lists.

Now it seems like the hashtag #fav7films is now a big deal, so we decided to do that one as well.


I’m writing this post, so I’m going first goddammit.

Mark Serrels, Managing Editor

Raiders of the Lost Ark Alien The Thing How To Train Your Dragon The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Back To The Future The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Campbell Simpson, Gizmodo Editor

Aliens Star Wars The Thing Blade Runner Seven Samurai The Dark Knight Grave of the Fireflies

Rae Johnston, Gizmodo Journalist

Fight Club Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Pulp Fiction The Avengers Jurassic Park Shaun of the Dead Kung Fury

Chris Jager, Lifehacker Editor

Rushmore Stand By Me Boogie Nights Pulp Fiction The Thin Red Line Aliens Casino

Spandas Lui, Lifehacker Journalist

My Neighbour Totoro Iron Man Batman Returns Sound of Music Kill Bill Vol I & II (not cheating here, since it was meant to be ONE film in the first place) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Fight Club

Alex Walker, Kotaku Editor

Requiem for a Dream V for Vendetta How To Train Your Dragon Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Usual Suspects Star Wars: A New Hope Howl’s Moving Castle

Danny Allen, Publisher

Pi Fight Club The Last Starfighter Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Primer Total Recall Back To The Future

Hayley Williams, Editorial Assistant

Alien Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Pan’s Labyrinth Brave The Conjuring The Grand Budapest Hotel

Amanda Yeo, Night Editor

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Captain America: Civil War Star Wars: A New Hope Infernal Affairs Spirited Away The Lion King Citizen Dog

Okay, so that’s our lists sorted — what do your lists look like?