Mattel’s Max Steel Movie Is Not Only Still Happening, There’s Finally A Trailer

Video: It seems like it’s truly captured to total blandness of the Max Steel concept, so, uh, good job there.

It has been years since we last heard anything about the live-action adaptation of Mattel’s ’90s toy line — or specifically, the animated reboot of said toyline which turned the former adventuring spy into basically a weird Tron-alike in which the titular Max bonds with the also-titular alien Steel to become a hero named — wait for it — “Max Steel”.

Mattel has tried to get a movie based on the property going for years. At one point, Twlight star Taylor Lautner was attached to star, before moving on to get attached to the now-cancelled live-action Stretch Armstrong movie (holy crap you guys that sentence went some places). But now, Ben Winchell is starring as Maxwell “Max” McGrath in the movie, due out in the US on October 21. An Australian release has not yet been confirmed.

The fact that this is practically some of the first footage we’ve seen from the movie and it’s only two months out probably doesn’t reflect all that well, but some of the design stuff looks kind of OK, I guess? What a long and weird journey this action figure line née cartoon series has taken to the big screen.