Luke Scott Will Make A Movie About The Donner Party With 'A Walking Dead-Style Twist'

Luke Scott is about to release his much-anticipated debut feature, Morgan, and he already has another project lined up: The Hunger, which is not about sexy vampires but ill-fated pioneers. It's based on a yet-to-be-written novel about the Donner Party, with what Deadline describes as "a Walking Dead-style twist". Image: Famartin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (…], via Wikimedia Commons

OK. So everyone knows that some Donner Party members ate human flesh in order to survive the brutal weather that trapped them en route to California. But that Walking Dead reference, and the fact that The Hunger is pitched as "a riff" on history, suggests we might see some extra-special cannibals, perhaps of the zombie variety, roaming those snowy mountains.

The book's author, Alma Katsu, has ventured into history-mixed-with-fantasy turf before, as in her best-known book: Supernatural romance The Taker. The Hunger scored a six-figure deal and is due in 2018. Scott — son of Ridley who cut his teeth as a second-unit director on films like Alien: Covenant and The Martian — will adapt the script and direct.


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