Kurt Russell Is Getting His Own Art Show Because Sometimes The World Is A Good Place

Kurt Russell is one of the most fascinating actors in the world. From his start at Disney, to his background in baseball, his wacky comedies, insane list of cult classics and current resurgence, it feels like there's nothing he can't do. So who better to be the subject of their own art show than Jack Burton, Snake Plissken, R.J. MacReady and Wyatt Earp himself, Kurt Russell? Chris Voy did this hairstyle inspired piece for Kurt Russell Deep Cuts, which opens Saturday in San Francisco.

The show, called "Kurt Russell Deep Cuts", opens Saturday August 27 at the Public Works SF, 161 Erie St, San Francisco, CA. More information can be found here. And though it's called "Deep Cuts", don't expect posters for too many actual deep cuts. It's more just the bread and butter, awesome Russell we all know and love. Here are just a few of the pieces in the show.

First, this Thing piece by Marko Manev.

This is the show card, a Big Trouble in Little China piece by Paul Shipper.

Another Thing piece by Luke Harrington.

A Hateful Eight piece by Kevin Wilson.

Chris Voy's hair-inspired piece.

This Escape from New York piece by Andre Kirk.

A Thing piece by Tegan Belitta.

The Hateful Eight also by Paul Shipper.

And a Death Proof piece by Nathan Anderson.

The show will be open through Sunday, visit Facebook for more information.

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