John Turturro Might Be Making A Big Lebowski Spin-Off Movie

John Turturro Might Be Making A Big Lebowski Spin-Off Movie

John Turturro, who played the memorable role of Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski, is reportedly making a spin-off movie for the side character right now.

Birth Movies Death has reported that sources close to the filming of Going Places, a remake of the comedy Les Valseuses, say the movie is actually a weird mix between that and a Lebowski spin-off — but the Coen brothers are not involved.

You might not consider The Big Lebowski the best Coen brothers movie, but it undoubtedly has the biggest cult following. Hell, it’s one of the biggest in movies, period. Not only is it insanely quotable and memorable, it’s spawned an entire convention, Lebowski Fest, and The Dude’s chill take on life (with real Taoist roots) has spawned a modern religion, the Church of the Latter-Day Dude. That’s not a joke website, it’s something people actually do — you can even get ordained as a Dudeist priest.

All the actors regularly talk about what a weird and wonderful following The Big Lebowski has received since its release, and Turturro has regularly stated in interviews that he’d love to expand on the Jesus character. There’ve been murmurs over the years of sequels, spin-offs, and shows, but this is the most solid a rumour has ever been.

Les Valseuses is infamously a sexist movie, and it’ll be interesting to see how they combine that with Jesus’ alleged perversions (eight-year-olds, dude), and seeing as such a project is bound to get a truckload of free buzz from the Lebowski connection, I’ll also be keenly interested in how much fan service comes into play.

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