Is This How The World Views Donald Trump?

Is This How The World Views Donald Trump?

As an American, I gotta know: Is this how the rest of the world sees Trump? Or perhaps what his true face looks like when he peels back his human mask? Is The Donald a close relative of Graham?

Images: Dinild Trimp/Tumblr

These questions are in no way answered by a new Tumblr art project in which the US Republican nominee for president is reimagined as a bloated skinmonster, devoid of humanity and several facial features. Is it political commentary? I don’t know. What’s certain is that it’s very weird.

In some instances Trimp is little more than a gaping, flabby mouth — an extended throat, really — presumably gurgling something incoherent about emailing a wall to ISIS.

In other images, Dinild more closely resembles a gigantic speed-gobbling pustule which somehow grew a human torso and limbs. The torso seems miserable.

But the worst ones have no identifiable features whatsoever. Remember the scene in Akira where Tetsuo mutates and spontaneously generates flesh at an alarming rate, which eventually fills an entire stadium, killing several people in the process? Now imagine 41 per cent of the American electorate was totally into that.