IA, The Digital Humanoid Holographic Pop Star, Is Coming To Sydney

IA, The Digital Humanoid Holographic Pop Star, Is Coming To Sydney

Live virtual holographic popstar concerts are the latest craze currently taking Japan by storm, and now Sydney will experience one for the very first time. SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show is hosting the world’s top digital humanoid popstar, IA, to open the two day Japanese pop-culture convention.

IA is a holographic vocaloid created by the Yamaha Corporation, and a legitimate rising virtual popstar with a rapidly growing fanbase worldwide. Known for performing incredible live stadium shows in Japan, virtual popstars have been growing in popularity across the globe thanks in part to artists like Lady Gaga, who have recently toured with them in the U.S.

A combination of music program, virtual singing synthesizer, hologram and online interface, IA’s performances and songs are largely created by fans online. Anyone can buy the Vocaloid software and use it to create songs, sprouting a global online community of music producers. IA’s appearance at SMASH! is presented by Japan Foundation Sydney.

“Virtual popstars like IA are considered the future for pop music in Japan, regularly selling out live stadium shows and racking up millions of views on Youtube,” Said SMASH! President Andrew Qiu.

SMASH! is on 20 and 21 August.