Discount Movies On Offer For Google Play Family Sharing Users

Discount Movies On Offer For Google Play Family Sharing Users

It’s fair to say Google has some idea of how to market things, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company is making the sign-up for its Family Sharing service more enticing, by offering would-be users a one-time movie discount.

Apparently the company is offering those with “unattached Gmail accounts” with the tempting offer a 50 per cent movie discount for Google Play, according to Ausdroid’s Daniel Tyson.

However, for your account to be eligible, it has to meet a couple of requirements, as Tyson discovered:

The offer appears to only be going to those GMail accounts with a payment method attached on Google Play — I tried adding a payment method to an old account I hadn’t used on Google Play previously and received the email soon after.

It’s obviously only going to be sent to accounts that support Family Sharing Plan on Google Play, this means Google Apps or Google for work accounts aren’t eligible, only Gmail account appear to have received it at this stage.

It also seems as though only existing accounts can get the deal — Tyson had a go at creating a fresh account, but as of yet hasn’t received the email. If you do meet the prerequisites, but have an empty inbox, Tyson says to double-check you have a payment method linked to your account.