Asus's New ROG G20CB Is Another Pint-Sized, VR-Ready PC Gaming Powerhouse

Image: Asus

We like small, powerful computers — like the MSI Vortex G65 and Alienware Alpha R2 — that hide seriously powerful components inside a sleek chassis that can be hidden away under a desk or inside a home theatre cabinet. The latest iteration of the ROG G20 is an Oculus VR-certified machine that hides away a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card.

The ROG G20CB displaces a total of 9.5 litres — sure, that's a full 50 per cent more than the 6.5-litre Vortex, but it's still miniscule when you compare it to a normal mid-tower PC gaming case, which can easily be 50 litres or more in internal capacity. Despite that huge advantage in size, the G20CB still hides the same high-end components that you'd expect to find in the most powerful gaming PCs, both with a top-of-the-line quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU and an equally modern graphics card.

The tiny Asus machine has a typically Asus blinged-up design, with LEDs hidden away at the front with RGB lighting and software to control the intensity of said effects. It also has an optical disk drive — almost an oddity for a PC built in 2016. The only thing driving the G20CB's size up is the fact that it has an external power brick — using a couple of laptop-grade power supplies, from the looks of it — that you'll have to find a home for under your desk or in your TV entertainment unit.

Scorptec has three variants of the ROG G20CB already on sale, ranging from a $1299 Core i5-6400 with a GeForce GTX 950, a $1899 Core i7-6700 with the same GTX 950, and a full-fat version with the i7-6700, an additional 512GB PCI-Express SSD as well as the standard 1TB hard drive, and that planet-busting GeForce GTX 1080. That final, penultimate edition will set you back $3999.

Images: Asus

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