American Gods Will Have ‘So Many’ Digital Erections

American Gods Will Have ‘So Many’ Digital Erections

American Gods might be a serious journey into the nature of belief and change, but it’s also going to have a lot of dicks.

“We have so many visual effects that involve digital erections,” showrunner Bryan Fuller said.

Speaking on the Nerd World Report, Fuller shared the stiff details about how they went about filming all the moments of male excitement on the series, and there are a lot. After all, it’s considered author Neil Gaiman’s most sexually graphic novel. Let’s just say a lot of work goes into making sure your male actors are at attention.

“We have conversations, ‘Well, should we get [a] dildo and strap it onto the actors, is that going to be more cost effective? Or is it easier just to give them digital erections?'” Fuller said.

No clue what “cost effective” means, maybe because dildos are cheaper than a visual effects artist’s salary. But I’m sure the artist is working on other stuff, and isn’t just their in-house “penis maker.”

Fuller didn’t say whether the digital erections will be on full display, but it wouldn’t be the first time Starz has shown a male character completely naked.

CGI nudity isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Game of Thrones digitally superimposed actress Lena Headey’s head onto a nude woman’s body for Cersei’s “walk of shame” scene in Season 5. Visual effects artists digitally removed Jessica Alba’s underwear in a scene from Machete to make it look like she was naked.

American Gods Will Have ‘So Many’ Digital Erections

Cersei preparing for her “walk of shame” on Game of Thrones. Photo Credit: HBO

However, other works still resort to good old-fashioned prosthetics, like when Danielle Radcliffe’s bloated corpse got a woody in Swiss Army Man (and they used actual wood for that too).

Fuller didn’t address the amount of female T&A we’ll be getting on the series, but there’s no doubt it will be there. We’re three-times more likely to see female nudity onscreen than male. Sure, that’s a stat based on movies, but fellow cable fantasy drama Game of Thrones has had way more boobs than dicks (or even male butts). I’m sure American Gods will be no different.

Fuller and his team look to be pulling out all the stops when it comes to adapting Gaiman’s novel on screen, sex and all. They have already finished shooting “that scene” (you know, the one with the vagina), which was previously considered un-filmable.

That’s one digital erection that’s definitely not getting a happy ending.

It looks like we’re getting to “that scene” pretty damn quickly, too. When Nerd World Report asked whether that scene would be in the first season, barely hiding any recoils of horror, Fuller simply replied: “It’s in the first episode.”

American Gods debuts on Starz in early 2017.

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