A Secret Avenger May Make His Way Into Doctor Strange

A Secret Avenger May Make His Way Into Doctor Strange

Aquaman‘s writer gives a few hints about the setting of the film. Gabriel Luna talks about becoming Robbie Reyes for Agents of SHIELD. Powerless has lost one of its showrunners. Plus, Doctor Who casting and another look at Gotham‘s new Poison Ivy. To me, my spoilers!

Doctor Strange

The internet is abuzz with talk that Robert Downey Jr. will be making a cameo appearance in the film, to potentially tie it into Spider-Man: Homecoming. This originally came from rumours that the movie recently underwent additional shooting, but then got fanned by a tweet from the host of the Seven Days a Geek podcast:

Considering that this is the sole source of the rumour, it’s best to take this all with a truckload of salt for now. But then again, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see some Cinematic Universe connective tissue make its way into Doctor Strange.

Star Wars: Episode VIII

Editing has begun on the film, which Rian Johnson celebrated with an Instagram snap:

Kong: Skull Island

Toby Kebell, who’s been very vocal about merely being a consultant to Terry Notary’s Kong in the past, isn’t so sure that’s the case anymore:

It’s a tricky one. I think… time will tell who’s playing Kong, but, for the time being, I’ve been asked to promote playing Major Chapman. Jack Chapman is my character, and he’s the sidekick of Sam Jackson’s character.

[Movie Web]


Writer Will Beale says that not all of Aquaman’s adventure takes place underwater:

I can tell you that not all of the action takes place underwater. Some of the most fun action in the movie actually takes place on dry land.



Showrunner Ben Queen has exited the show, mere weeks ahead of it entering production, citing creative differences between Queen and Warner Bros. TV. According to Deadline, production will be delayed while a new executive producer is found to take Queen’s place.

Fear the Walking Dead

In shocking news, the Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover that we’ve constantly been told is not going to happen is still not going to happen:

As of right now, no, there is no plan. From a narrative perspective, nevermind the geography of it all, I think it would be too difficult to pull off. I don’t think there’s anything, as far as I’ve read in the comic, I don’t think there’s any trackway for that either. It’s such a complicated proposition and I think for the time being, the two shows just need to exist in their own spheres.


Agents of SHIELD

Mallory Jansen will be joining the cast as the Life Model Decoy personification of AIDA. [TV Line]

As there isn’t much material with Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider to draw upon (yet), actor Gabriel Luna says that the show has more freedom to expand the character:

Because there is so little material on him right now, a lot of the show is going to be expanding the Ghost Rider canon. That’s really cool. It’s all me. It’s all on me.


Time After Time

Will Chase has joined the cast as recurring character Griffin, “an ambitious and eccentric war veteran vying to be New York’s next state senator”. [EW]

Doctor Who

The BBC has confirmed David Suchet will appear in season 10, playing “The Landlord” in an episode written by Mike Bartlett. [Doctor Who News]


IGN has a video interview the cast, where Marc Guggenheim discusses Oliver and Felicity’s dynamic:

There’s a very Olicity-heavy scene in [episode] 5. They’re adults. At the same time, it feels a little like Season 1. I honestly don’t know how many shows have done this where you’ve gotten two characters engage, broke them up, but still kept them together on the show as partners.

While Wendy Mericle talks about Diggle’s presence in the show:

With Diggle, he’ll be in the army. We’ll have storylines with him. Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean [Team Arrow] don’t want him back, or that they’re not trying. There’s definitely contact, and he’s going to have his own story in the army where he realises maybe this isn’t the place. Maybe he’s going to have to still keep looking for these answers about how to get his sense of mortality back.


Finally, here’s a new picture of Maggie Geha’s grown-up Poison Ivy. [TV Insider]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.