10x Optical Zoom, RAW Images For Rumoured Hasselblad Moto Z Camera Module

Image: Supplied

The big selling point for Lenovo's Moto Z is its ability to take custom modules to enhance and extend its functionality. One of the more exciting developments in this area is the rumour that Hasselblad is working on a camera part that could transform the Moto Z into an excellent shooter — a rumour that's looking more and more confirmed by the second.

The latest news comes via a leaked image from HelloMotoHK that purportedly shows the module in all its glory, including a physical shutter and zoom.

The accompanying text states the add-on will support an optical zoom up to 10x and can shoot in RAW format.

Image: HelloMotoHK

No idea on price and availability of course, but I think it's safe to say it won't be in the same league has Hasselblad's X1D.

[HelloMotoHK, via PetaPixel]

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