You Don't Need Heightened Senses To Know How Perfect Hot Toys' Daredevil Figure Is

I bet if you had a dollar for every time Matt Murdock says "this city" in the TV series, you'd have just enough to afford this beauty from Hot Toys. Yes, finally, we're getting some Netflix Daredevil merchandise that isn't Funko Pop vinyl toys, and this is about as on the other end of the price spectrum as you can get. Hot Toys has announced its first Daredevil figure (unsurprisingly, of Daredevil), fully unveiled for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con. Check out the first look below:

We've known the Daredevil toys have been coming for a while, but it's exciting to get a glimpse of the actual toys in the flesh — and it's nice that we're getting the updated mask from season two, instead of the first season black pyjamas look. As for other figures, we know the Punisher is coming too, but who else can we expect to see? Fisk? Elektra? Matt Murdock, Man at Law? A Karen Page and Foggy Nelson twin pack? I'd buy those. I'd have to start eating nothing but instant noodles for several months, but I'd do it.

You can expect to see more from Hot Toys at Comic-Con as the week progresses.

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