Xbox One S: Australian Price And Release Date

Image: Supplied

Are you one of the people that didn't buy an Xbox One on launch, because something better was eventually coming around the corner? Well, here it is. The new, slimmer, more visually impressive version of the Xbox One will launch in Australia within a couple of weeks, and will be initially available only with a massive 2TB hard drive.

Although the Australian Microsoft Store still lists the original and intentionally vague release date of the Xbox One S — August 31, at the end of the month — on its pre-order page, an announcement from Microsoft first seen by Kotaku says the console will begin shipping to select regions on August 2.

The Xbox One S is priced at $549 for the 2TB console and a single new Xbox wireless controller, and improves on the original Xbox One with support for 4K video output (although not during gaming) and high dynamic range video encoding, as well as fitting into a 40 per cent smaller chassis with an internal power supply. Cheaper 1TB and 500GB versions will land later this year at $349 USD and $299 USD prices, with Aussie release dates and pricing still to be confirmed.

Image: Supplied

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