With Just Three Keys, Keyboard Manages To Make Typing More Complicated

Learning how to efficiently type on a QWERTY keyboard is tough enough for many of us, but one Reddit user decided to make the process even more complicated thanks to a three-button binary keyboard.

The code, which was posted by “duckythescientist” over at GitHub, shows that it’s actually very straightforward. Hitting the “0” makes a 0, hitting the “1” key gets you a 1 and the “enter” key inputs it all when you’re done inputting your eight digits. It’s just that in order to get characters to show up on your screen, you’ll need to input all the digits before hitting “enter”. So it’s a little slow, not really something you want to use when writing an essay.

It originally was only compatible with ASCII, but other Reddit users requested Unicode support, and now, it has both. It’s not exactly intuitive for most of us, but for those who want to practise their ASCII or Unicode, or who want to get back to the basics of computing, it’s definitely an interesting experiment.

Here’s another video of the keyboard in action. As Sean Murphy, who uploaded the videos on his YouTube page stated, “1 and 0 are the only keys a true programmer needs.”

[HackADay via Reddit]