WikiLeaks Just Published A Ton Of Credit Card And Social Security Numbers

WikiLeaks firmly believes in radical transparency, the idea that the world would be better if there were no secrets. That level of transparency can be used for good, like the time the site published a video called "Collateral Murder" showing innocent journalists shot to oblivion by US troops in 2010. But not always. Image: Getty

The organisation has also used that tradition of transparency for less just causes, like today when the site published 19,252 emails from top US Democratic National Committee members, many of which included personal information about innocent donors including credit card, social security numbers and passport numbers.

If you visit the WikiLeaks DNC emails website, you can browse the emails using a simple Boolean search. Typing a word like "contribution" will actually turn up hundreds of results. The emails include unencrypted, plain-text listings of donor emails addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, passport numbers and credit card information. WikiLeaks proudly announced the data dump in a single tweet.

The new leak is part of the organisation's ongoing Hillary Leaks series, which launched in March as a searchable archive of more than 30,000 emails and attachments sent to and from Clinton's private email server, while she was Secretary of State. The original email dump included documents from June 2010 to August 2014. The new release includes emails from January 2015 to May 2016.

This isn't the first time WikiLeaks has recklessly published personal information of innocent civilians, either. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission have previously requested that WikiLeaks remove names of Afghan civilians in 77,000 classified military documents published online. The civilians were (ironically) collateral damage in the same leak that spurred the "Collateral Murder" video obtained by Wikileaks.

Exactly why Wikileaks decided not to redact the private information of unsuspecting Americans remains unclear. We reached out for comment but had not heard back at time of writing.



    There's transparency, then there's actively feeding data to slimeballs like scam artists.

    Sorry, WikiLeaks, but releasing credit card and passport info when all a person has done is donate to a political party is one step too far.

    If WikiLeaks truly believed in transparency they would reveal who they are. Irony, hypocrisy or selective disclosure? Just because one can do something......
    I support WikiLeaks if they reveal corruption, etc. not if they cause grief to innocents.

      You'd have to be living under a rock not to know the people behind wikileaks.

        Who are?

          Who are.........instantly searchable and high profile individuals, whom are constantly spoken about in relation to Wikileaks.

    with the presidential nominations now locked down, by sticking it to Hillary only ensures that Trump wins. hashtag feeltheburn doesn't cut it anymore!

    This isn't fsociety, so a little tactical manoeuvring (on the part of wikileaks) might get them to the places which they seek.

      Hillary is just as bad, if not worse, than Trump. I just feel sorry for Americans having nothing but bad choices to make...

        What about us. We had nothing to choose from either.

          Yeah our system is completely broken. You combine all our votes at a national level, like I did in 2013, the greens have about 10 more seats, LNP about 10 less, ALP 5 more and Independents 5 more. Electorates make no sense and the two party system is a joke.

          Mal: okay bill, I'll have a go this time.
          Bill: okay and I'll be all like Mal sucks, then I'll get my Union mets in for the piss up after.
          Mal: good plan bra!

        very true, but i suspect that they're trying to oust Hillary in a way that was opposed at the recent RNC floor vote that ended up supporting (and crystallising) Trump's candidature. And yeah, agree with the bad choices to make, however, there's still the choice not to vote which if i was in their position would most probably take. dunno what the US laws are on a minimum vote count to take office??? wouldn't it be grand if nobody voted!!!

          Oh so grand....

          Even if we don't agree with each other politically, I think a pretty powerful point could be made that way, to both sides of the bullcrap parade.

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