Which Doctor Strange Toy Has The Weirdest Hairdo?

With Doctor Strange on the rapidly approaching horizon, San Diego Comic-Con is naturally the place to start seeing merchandise crop up for the first time. But there's something... well, strange about some of the toys on the show floor today. The plastic versions of the Sorcerer Supreme are all a bit off in the hair department. Neither Hasbro's new Marvel Legends figure, nor Diamond Select Toy's Marvel Selects figure, quite capture the hair we've seen on Stephen Strange's mystical noggin in the movie.

Diamond Select's Cumberstrange opts for a magical volume, as if Stephen has summoned the hoary hosts of Hoggoth to act as some sort of conditioner.

Look how fluffy that hair is! Someone has fluffed up that hair, and judging by his rather daunting facial expression, the good Doctor isn't too pleased about it. That, and he's in the middle of headbanging at a Masters of the Mystic Arts rock concert.

The Hasbro toy, however, seems horrified by his fellow figure's voluminous hair, and has instead to go for a trendy undercut-style take. That, and his streaks of grey hair now consume the entirety of the sides of his head, like he's very stressed about the whole thing.

It's interesting to see, even outside of scale, just how two different toys of the same character can come out so wildly different. But which plastic Cumberbatch wears it best? Let us know in the comments below.

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