Here's What Happens When You Get A Perfect Score On Pac-Man

What Happens When You Get a Perfect Score on Pac-Man Will Blow Your Mind

Billy Mitchell takes video games very seriously. He's been called one of the greatest arcade gamers ever, and there's even a documentary about his insane high score in Donkey Kong called The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Even with his own full-length documentary film, Mitchell is still best-known for one thing: He was the first person to get a perfect score (3,333,360 points) in Pac-Man. Mitchell set the record in 1999, almost two decades after the game was originally released.

"You start off on the first board, and on board 21, that's where it reaches the maximum difficulty," Mitchell said in a recent interview about the achievement. "You have to navigate all the way to board 255 doing the same repetitive thing. You can't miss a dot, a prize, a blue man. You can't die once."

In the video, Mitchell explains how, at level 256, there's only enough memory in the game for the left-half of the board. The right-half of the game is filled with computer garble that looks something like the Matrix code.

"You get to the end, and there's nothing to do but die."

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    Bet he sucks at COD though. What a tool, If there's a competition for who can love Billy Mitchell the most, I bet Billy Mitchell would win.

      I guess haters are going to hate, when have you ever been the best at anything? Good on him, the hours he must have spent!

      with the amount of time and hours and effort and memorisation this guy has put in to being able to beat not 1 more 2 arcade games with a perfect score. im not surprised he has the confidence that he does. sure its not everyones cup of tea, but no need to bag a dude at being the best at something. what are you? 12? just because its not a modern game, doesnt mean his achievements are not valid.

    Get a job.

      He did get a job. Its called being paid to play the game as entertainment to some, sponsorship and paid media events! The dude be making the dough 1 button push at a time.

      You know, When you post comments saying things like this, You are basically saying "Im jelous this person gets paid to do something he loves, And it makes me feel bad because my job is shit, so im gonna insult the guy"

      Here one for you pleb

      Get real.

        You know, When you post comments saying things like this, I wonder if you even have a sense of humour! Actually, looking back on your previous posts, I'm going to guess not! Seems to me, there are quite a few humourless trolls like you here.
        I know you'll take another shot across my bow, you can't help yourself, but we're done now.

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    Watch King of Kong

      I watched it and groaned.. back in '84 I played Gyrus and could clock the game as many times as I liked as long as I didn't need to go to the loo - years later I discovered in the movie the world record holder had a score of like 760k. oh man. I'd never heard that there were competitions to play these things ! Ah well.. still, it's just a game.

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