Watching Pills Dissolve Through A Macro Lens Is Both Gross And Gorgeous

You pop some paracetamol or ibuprofen and don't give much thought to the journey it's about to take through your body. But what if you could capture part of that trip? You know, the pretty part when it's dissolving in your fluids. Doesn't sound like tempting viewing, but photographer Ben Ouaniche has delivered a fair approximation.

Armed with macro lenses, including a Canon MP-E 65 and 100mm L, Ouaniche took to the task of filming timelapses of various medications disintegrating in water. The results are surprisingly beautiful and mysterious, almost like a supernova or nebula.

Image: Macro Room
Image: Macro Room

Speaking to DL Cade over at PetaPixel, Ouaniche — who has his own channel, called Macro Room — goes into detail about his motivation and technique:

"In some cases I had to gradually heat the water after a period of time to fully dissolve the pills without interfering with the first thin layer," he says, describing one of the challenges he faced. "The timelapse movement, light changes and the very sensitive macro environment were only a few of the factors that made this project very time consuming and challenged me to find creative solutions."

Macro lenses: Making the simple look amazing since, well, forever.

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

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