LIVE: Watch The Soyuz Launch Three Astronauts To The Space Station

Three new astronauts will start a trip up to the International Space Station today — and it all begins with a ride on the Soyuz spacecraft. Watch it launch live right here at 11:36AM AEST. An earlier launch of the Soyuz to the ISS (Image: NASA)

The astronauts — NASA's Kate Rubins, JAXA's Takuya Onishi and Roscomos' Anatoly Ivanishin — will be making the trip as part of Expedition 49. They will be joining Expedition 48's three-person crew already aboard the ISS.

But it's not just astronauts making the trip. There's some new gear, including a genetic sequencer, in the cargo hold. Rubins will be using the device to conduct the first ever in-space DNA sequence, which NASA hopes will answer questions about the impact of spaceflight on the human body.

NASA will start coverage at 10:30AM AEST today, and the launch will take place at 11:36AM You can watch along with us here, and see the whole timeline that the Soyuz will follow (assuming all goes to plan) below.

10:36AM AEST Launch vehicle control system prep; gyros active

10:40AM NASA TV: Crew pre-launch activities

10:51AM Pad service structure components lowered

10:52AM Clamshell-like gantry service towers retracted

10:59AM Suit leak checks; re-entry vehicle testing complete

11:02AM Emergency escape system armed

11:21AM Suit leak checks complete; escape system to auto

11:26AM Gyros "uncaged" and recorders activated

11:29AM Pre-launch operations complete

11:30AM Final launch countdown operations to auto

Launch complex/vehicle systems ready

11:31AM Commander's controls active/helmets closed

Launch key inserted

11:32AM Combustion chamber nitrogen purge

11:33AM Booster propellant tank pressurisation (drainback)

11:35AM Ground propellant feed terminated

11:35:41AM Vehicle to internal power

11:36:06AM Auto sequence start

First umbilical tower separates

11:36:11AM 3rd stage ground power umbilical separates

11:36:26AM Second umbilical tower separates

11:36:29AM Launch command issued

Central/side pod engines start

11:36:31AM Engine turbopumps at flight speed

11:36:36AM. Engines at maximum thrust

11:36:41AM LAUNCH

11:45:26AM Orbital insertion

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