Watch A Stampede Of Pokemon GO Players Descend On Central Park

Video: Don't think for a second that what you're seeing here in New York's Central Park is a contained incident. Pokemon GO is drawing tremendous crowds to the parks and piers of cities across the nation as smartphone-wielding adults venture into the concrete wilderness under the cover of darkness to capture rare collections of pixels. It's happening in New York. It's happening in Santa Monica. Nostalgic young adults are amassing in Boston, Bellevue, Provo, Des Moines and Chico. Pokemon-themed bar crawls are slated to suffocate the downtown areas of New Orleans, Minneapolis, Portland, San Fransisco, Miami and Milwaukee. Yelp will even tell you if your destination is within an appropriate distance of a PokeStop, should you need to go outside during the day.

This is the dawning of a new age, or the collapse of society as we know it. I welcome the void.


    And they say kids are dumb this just sums it up for me.

    this is starting to get embarrassing for the human race.

      Talk about sorting out the people that can be easily hypnotized...what a dumbed down society we live in

        Hordes descending on a park to catch 'em all, hordes descending on a park to watch a sporting event or band...what's the difference? Everyone gets their kicks differently; that doesn't make them dumbed down. Easily hypnotized? Perhaps. Being hypnotized does not necessarily mean being dumb, and vice versa.

        Yep, real dumb that people are going out at night for some other reason than getting drunk or hooking up. So stupid that folks are actually getting exercise due to a game and utterly moronic that groups of complete strangers are actually socializing because of a common interest. Granted there ARE people doing stupid things while playing but humans have always done stupid things, pokemon or not. So yeah, this game is totally dumbing us down and the end of civilization right? Unlike your highbrow commentary that benefits us all, right? Go have some fun mate.

    I'm starting to think is Pokémon thingy is a population control experiment by the powers that be with a successful outcome. Yep, dumbing down has just gone down another notch and 20mil people have lapped it up. If all it takes is a silly app to create this type of control, I can't imagine what will be released the day shit really hits the fan for the human race.

    I'm dreading to think what will happen when Niantic announce their first "event" with exclusive pokemon

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