Vaya Has A $65 30GB ‘Gamer Plan’ For Pokemon GO Players

Vaya Has A $65 30GB ‘Gamer Plan’ For Pokemon GO Players

Budget telco Vaya has new plans aimed specifically at the increasing data demands of Pokemon GO players.

The new Gamer Plans (yes, that is what they are called) aim to give you the luxury of catching as many Pokemon as you please without worrying about running over your data limit.

The Monster Mobile Plan comes with 10GB of data, and unlimited national standard calls and texts for $45 per month, while the Monster Data Only Plan comes with 30GB of data for $65 per month, all for use in Australia. Both plans are available for a limited time only, however customers who join one of these plans can stay on it indefinitely. Both plans also come with free express delivery.

“We’re always on the lookout for ways we can save our customers money, and with so many people using more data than usual on Pokemon GO, we thought we’d step up to the plate and offer mobile and data-only plans that cater for their additional data needs,” said Maik Retzlaff, Vaya’s commercial director.

Retzlaff says some people have reported using as much as 20MB an hour or 50MB a day, which means the monthly data usage for Pokemon GO alone could exceed a gigabyte. Given the nature of this game and other gaming apps requires players to be outdoors without a Wi-Fi connection for most of the time, Retzlaff considers a healthy mobile data allowance a “must-have”.

Each of Vaya’s existing data-only month-to-month plans have also dropped in price by $5 per month, and all but the entry-level plan will now come with more data.

Additionally, Vaya has launched a new 12-month option where you can pre-pay for the entire year. The telco runs on the Optus network.

DATA ONLY PLANS Data SIM S Data SIM M Data SIM L Monster (new)
Month-to-month price $10
(previously $15)
(previously $30)
(previously $50)
12-month price $108
(equivalent to $9 per month)
(equivalent to $22 per month)
(equivalent to $40 per month)
Included data
(billed per KB)
(previously 2GB)
(previously 4GB)
(previously 7GB)
Excess data
per GB
$10 $10 $10 $10

All of the new plans will be available on Vaya’s website from today.