This Post Has Nothing To Do With Pokémon GO, I Promise

Video: It's been a wild couple of days and we're not going to talk about it at all here. This is a space for silent reflection — respite from one popular mobile game which will remain nameless, and the viral content encircling it like so much frothy scum on top of a simmering pot of chicken stock. Why must talking about not talking about it remind me of the very thing we're all trying to ignore? Because the human mind is a cruel and inescapable prison. But I have a solution.

You and me, buddy, we're going to watch this dude make some banh mi. After being shouted at from every direction about exactly one thing (don't say it), this absolute mensch won't even narrate his own recipe. Silence is golden, just like the crust on that mouthwatering sandwich.

God it feels nice to get away.

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