This DIY Pokedex Battery Case Is The Pokemon GO Accessory You Have Been Waiting For

Do you own a 3D printer that works? Do you play Pokemon GO? Do you have a driving need to charge your phone while trekking across the city in hunt of the last Eevee? Then you need this snazzy Pokedex battery case. It won't actually talk to you like a Pokedex. Or guide you like a Pokedex. But it will augment your reality more than Pokemon GO is already augmenting it. The only issue? Unlike in the case of Ash, you'll have to build this Pokedex yourself. All images: npoole/SparkFun

A SparkFun user by the name of npoole worked their nerdy wizardry to build plans for the sick case early last week. The project relies on 3D printing the big ol' Pokedex (and then doing some light soldering and electronics work to hook up a 2600 mAh battery. So, you know, it's not exactly accessible to the masses, but barring an official accessory from Niantec or Mophie or whatever, it will have to do. For peak accidental hipster cred the enterprising DIYer used an 18650 lithium battery — the exact same kind used by every vape under the sun.

Vapers will recognise that blue battery.

If you want to build your own Pokedex you can download the printing files from Github. There's an untested set of files for the iPhone 6s, but the primary files were originally built for an ancient Samsung Galaxy S4. If you're the kind of person who has access to a 3D printer, you're probably more than capable of tweaking the files for newer phones.

[SparkFun via SlashGear]

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