This Crazy Ghostbusters Scene May Have Cost Over A Million Dollars 

There's a certain moment with Chris Hemsworth's Kevin in the new Ghostbusters that was a pretty well-kept secret up to the film's release — and a pretty ridiculous moment, at that. Also ridiculous? It apparently cost the production a lot of money.

In the end credits sequence of the movie, the possessed Kevin and a cadre of cops and soldiers take part in an elaborate dance routine set to You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees. It's fun, but at one point, it was actually part of the movie itself — apparently it tested poorly with screening audiences, so Feig chose to cut the scene and include it as part of the end-credits sequence, along with several other scenes sliced from the movie.

But why not just cut the scene entirely if it wasn't testing well? According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's because the fairly innocuous sequence cost over a million dollars to film and set up. A million dollars is pretty small change for a movie that cost nearly $US150 million ($200 million) to make — but it's still a huge chunk of change for a dance sequence in your CGI-laden action comedy blockbuster.

Sony denied the number when approached by THR, but if you see Ghostbusters again and watch Chris Hemsworth and his army of backing dancers strut their stuff, try to get the thought of it costing so much out of your head.

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