This Chinese Title For Ghostbusters May Not Be Real, But It Is Totally Amazing

Whether or not Ghostbusters is going to be released in China is still up for debate. But whether or not the alternate name is awesome is not. China has rules about which foreign movies can be screened there — and its giant box office can make or break movies these days. So the fact that films that promote "cults or superstitious beliefs" get rejected by the state film board is going to be a problem for Ghostbusters. Anything with the paranormal has an uphill climb.

Ghostbusters hasn't been screened for the board yet, but Variety has sources saying that it's "unlikely" the film will get approved. It also reports that the film was given a new name that didn't mention the paranormal. It is "Super Power Dare Die Team." Which is a movie I would definitely see.

They should release it under that name here. Maybe then people wouldn't think its very existence is killing their childhoods.

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