This 12K Timelapse Of Los Angeles Is Insanely Detailed

Video: Watch it on a big, high-resolution screen and 4K video looks awesome. 12K video is even more incredible — even though we don't have screens that can show it off to its full potential yet — because it means you're able to zoom in to a tiny portion of the frame and still see perfect detail. Shot by Joe Capra of Scientifantastic, this 100-megapixel time-lapse of Los Angeles, shot on a camera worth more than $100,000, shows just how amazing high-res video can be.

Image: Joe Capra /

Throughout the five minutes of time-lapse vido shot mostly at night around Los Angeles, Joe Capra's PHASED video is a demonstration of what a powerful camera can do in the hands — or on the tripod — of a capable, skilled photographer. Capra has been called a "time-lapse genius" before, and after watching this short video, we'd agree with that sentiment.

Capra used the Phase One XF IQ3 with a 100-megapixel medium-format digital back — the kind of camera that doesn't really have a price tag. If you have to ask, you can't afford it. And that's before you add on lenses, which can easily eclipse the camera's value several times over. A new software update to the XF added time-lapse recording at the maximum 100-megapixel resolution, so Capra put it to the test.

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