The Transformers: Combiner Wars Cartoon Has Its First, Mind-Bogglingly Cool Trailer

Video: The first trailer for the much-anticipated new Transformers cartoon has rolled out at Comic-Con, offering a first look at the Machinima-made series. The verdict: Man the show can't get here quick enough. If you're unaware of the toyline/comic/other products of the same name, Combiner Wars focuses on the giant Transformers made up of several regular Transformers, which were arguably always the coolest part of the series. But there's also an intriguing setting: As the trailer indicated, the Autobot/Decepticon war is over, and everyone's back on Cybertron. A triumvirate of Rodimus Prime, Megatron's former lieutenant Starscream and the Mistress of Flame (she's basically a Transformer Melisandre) rules Cybertron, and then an ancient artefact surfaces which allows Transformers to combine into bigger robots, and things go completely to hell. I have zero problems with any of this.

All eight episodes of the digital series will premiere August 2 on go90. An Australian release has not yet been announced.

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