The Shiny New (And Old) Stormtroopers Of Rogue One

The Shiny New (And Old) Stormtroopers Of Rogue One

Today was Rogue One‘s day at Celebration Europe. We got a look at the new ships and vehicles of the Empire, new behind-the-scenes footage — and even the teeniest glimmer of Darth Vader. But as well as dazzling the main stage, Rogue One brought its costumes to Celebration’s convention hall, and we went and took a look.

On display as part of the same Rogue One installation that brought us Director Krennic’s sharp shuttle and the TIE Striker, Stormtroopers were out in force. The classic costumes styled after the Empire’s appearance in the original films showed up as did the new troopers (those of the Death and Shore variety) that will threaten Jyn and her erstwhile group of ragtag rebels in Rogue One.

The Golden Oldies

Lookin’ good, trooper.

The commanders of the stormtrooper forces in Rogue One — confirmed by director Gareth Edwards in the Rogue One panel to be portrayed by members of the Maldives National Defence Force — do have something a little different to the ones we previously saw in the films: Humongous backpacks that we certainly hope they didn’t have to drag through the waters of the newly-named planet of Scarif.

The New Team

Described by their information panel as as patrolling defence squads at a “planetary facility” on Scarif (presumably housing components for the Death Star?) — itself called the headquarters of the Imperial Military.

Being at the seat of Imperial Military might means fancy armour…

… And fancier weapons.

Not everything feels like “classic” Star Wars though — the combat skirt on this guy feels very much like the specialised armour of the prequel’s clone troopers.

The Deathtroopers, meanwhile, aren’t Imperial Military like their fellow troopers. They’re pretty much described as Director Krennic’s personal squad of soldiers, highly trained operatives of Imperial Intelligence “encased” in black armour.

Shiny. On the stage floor, the look almost silver rather than the deep, dark black in the trailers.

For all the new — new weapons, new helmets, new armour — there’s still some of the old in the Deathtroopers: Their sidearms, the classic Imperial SE-14C.

And Their Fabulous Boss

Also on display is the Deathtrooper’s boss — or at least the uniform of Orson Krennic, leading officer in the Imperial Military’s Advanced Weapons Research division, is. I agree with Gwendoline Christie: That is indeed a good cape.