The New Batman Movie May Have Decided Where It’s Putting The Dark Knight

The New Batman Movie May Have Decided Where It’s Putting The Dark Knight

The new Van Helsing film has an unlikely inspiration for its main character. Simon Pegg talks even more about Sulu’s family in Star Trek Beyond. Plus, new footage from Suicide Squad and new looks at Dirk Gently and Riverdale. Spoilers get!


While the solo Batman film is still in its earliest stages, there’s already rumours about where the movie might be set. A report from Batman on Film claims sources have revealed that the film will be set almost entirely within the halls of Arkham Asylum, the psychiatric facility that many of Batman’s villains find themselves locked up after their encounters with the Dark Knight.

According to the site, the movie could see Batman locked up in the facility himself somehow, surrounded by his deadliest foes — not a direct adaptation of, but similar to tales like Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth or the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. Given how early in production the film still is, though, it’s best to take a rumour like this with a few bat-pinches of salt.

Van Helsing

Scriptwriter Eric Heisserer tells HitFix about an unlikely inspiration for their new take on the character.

I can only say that early on, our inspiration for his behaviour and his mannerisms was all in Mad Max.

Star Trek Beyond

Simon Pegg talks about how Sulu’s family plays into the wider movie:

The point is, is, he had somebody on Yorktown — what we wanted to do was put somebody we care about in Yorktown, so when Yorktown was under threat, that made the threat tangible. We knew that Sulu’s family was there. So it wasn’t just a bunch of faceless Federation people. It was somebody that we cared about, too, because we care about Sulu. That was really important. The nature of that relationship wasn’t an issue.


Alien: Covenant

Production has wrapped on the film, and to celebrate a new picture of Ridley Scott and Katherine Waterston has been released.

Suicide Squad

Now it’s Deadshot’s turn to get his own TV spot.

The Dark Tower

Sony has released a tie-in app called The Sombra Group, tying into the sinister corporation in the books that works with the Crimson King. You can download it for yourself here. [Coming Soon]

The Powerpuff Girls

The rebooted version of the show has been renewed for a second season.[THR]


Get a good look at the cast of the Archie Comics adaptation in the show’s Comic-Con poster.

Dirk Gently

And finally, here’s the first picture of Dirk Gently and his “sort-of-sidekick” associate, Todd. [EW]

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