The New LG X-Boom Freestyler Will Make You A Karaoke Champion

The LG X-BOOM Freestyler, a new 600W all-in-one sound system with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a variety of DJ features and effects — including a key changer to make your singing voice better than ever — is available from today.

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Not only does the LG X-BOOM Freestyler boast powerful 600W sound packed with four speakers including dual 8-inch woofers, it comes with additional features and DJ effects such as scratching, flanging, phasing, delay, and wah, allowing you to be the ultimate (or annoying) host.

There are also lighting features that can produce up to 64 colour combinations and synchronise to the beat. Ultimately, LG says, you have a sound system that provides a fun boost to any social occasion.

Want more? The LG X-BOOM Freestyler also has a flexible two-way setup: set it up vertically if you're short on space or horizontally for that classic boombox-feel.

Image: Supplied

You can control sound and DJ features directly from the unit or from the LG Music Flow Bluetooth app, which is available to download on compatible Android smartphones or tablets. You can also stream your favourite playlists directly from online sources such as Spotify Premium or Pandora.

Access to Bluetooth connectivity is also provided through a built-in NFC tag that works by simply tapping your smartphone on the top panel of the sound system. Tracks can also be accessed manually by using the provided USB connection, which is also conveniently located on the top panel of the system.

The Bluetooth Multipoint capability can pair up to three devices (including smartphones, tablets or PCs) simultaneously so different people can play songs one after another without going through the connection and disconnection process.

There are also Karaoke features with Voice Canceller — when you sing along to your favourite song or join forces with a friend for a duet, there are two microphone inputs available and the Voice Canceller feature reduces the existing song's vocals so you can be heard more clearly. The key changer feature also adjusts the pitch of the song to suit your vocal abilities. Yep, you'll sing better with this.

The LG X-BOOM Freestyler is available now for $599.

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