The Hot Topic Suicide Squad Clothing Line Manages To Somehow Make The Joker Creepier

The Hot Topic Suicide Squad Clothing Line Manages to Somehow Make the Joker CreepierImage: Hot Topic's Facebook

You know what was missing from the Joker? Removing his signature smile from his face and putting it in a hidden pocket in his jacket. Also removing his lips. In other words: Ahhhhhhhh!

In the most obvious marketing move of all time, Hot Topic has a Suicide Squad line of clothing coming out July 22. And the outfits range from the obvious:

To the ok:

And then right back to the awful:

With a few stops at "horrifying implications":

And then, there's Katana, who stands alone among a sea of Harley and Joker clothing. Everyone else cosplaying Suicide Squad is gonna have to make their own looks, I guess.

But still, nothing quite beats the horror of the Joker's mouth jacket. Which is covered in silver "HA HA HAs." If you missed it when you first saw it, we don't blame you. It's hard to focus when your brain is screaming in your skull.

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