The Flash TV Show Debuts Wally West As Kid Flash, And He’s Not Bad At All

The Flash TV Show Debuts Wally West As Kid Flash, And He’s Not Bad At All

Ever since Keiynan Lonsdale debuted as Wally West in season two of The Flash, we knew he would eventually gain super-speed and help Barry Allen fight villains as the Fastest Teen Alive. Here’s the first look as Lonsdale in his superhero duds, which turns out are about as comics-accurate as a fan could want.

Not bad, right? Personally, I’m not a fan of the half-yellow, half-red colour scheme, but I’ve never been a fan of Kid Flash’s half-yellow, half-red colour scheme in the comics, either (it may have something to do with the fact that the evil Reverse-Flash is all yellow, and I think it’s weird that Wally is basically a combo of the two). Anyways, like I said, it’s definitely comics-accurate:

Now the question is how Wally becomes a hero. In season two, he was zapped with the same particle accelerator experiment that gave Barry his Speed Force back, but never evidenced any speed powers himself. Of course, after Barry rewrote the timeline by saving his mum in the past, any explanation theoretically is possible. Just as importantly, when Barry returns to the new present, will Wally already be running around as Kid Flash, or will something occur in season three to give him (or at least make him manifest) his powers?

Here’s another good question: Will Wally actually use the name Kid Flash? I don’t think he will, and I sincerely doubt hero/villain naming-master Cisco would accept such a lame name anyway. It’s sort of a shame “Speedy” is already taken by Green Arrow’s sidekick.

The CW released a second, cooler picture: