Talk About Anything In Our Great Game Of Thrones Withdrawal Thread

Talk About Anything In the Great Game of Thrones Withdrawal Thread

Ladies and gentlemen, in the past few months we've regularly set up a post-Game of Thrones thread for fans to feverishly ruminate on the events of the latest episode. But there is no new Game of Thrones episode to talk about this week. So let's break from tradition and talk about, well... anything. Even Game of Thrones!

Maybe you still can't get over Cersei going full on mad villain and seizing the Iron Throne. Or Jon being declared King in the North. Or... OK, I've basically forgot what Bran was doing at the end of this season, because I'm kinda bored with his story line. Something something something White Walkers, whatever.

But what are you watching this week instead of Game of Thrones? There's not much on, but Preacher is still trucking along and being awesome. Netflix UK just added all the Star Trek shows, by the way, so I'm re-watching my guilty pleasure of Star Trek Voyager.

Whatever you're doing, of if you've still got questions simmering over from last week's Thrones finale, talk about it in the comments below.

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