Take A 360-Degree Tour Of Virgin Australia's New, Neon-Tinted Business Class Cabin

Image: Supplied

We liked our time on Virgin Australia's new business class, which recently launched on the airline's Boeing 777 routes between Sydney and Los Angeles. If you don't have the frequent flyer points or the throwaway cash for a seat, though, you can still enjoy the experience — at least a little — with this 360-degree Google Street View tour around the twin-aisle jet.

We spotted this on Australian Business Traveller on the occasion of the This photo-spheric tour around the forward section of the jet is actually one of the most detailed we've seen, despite the low lighting conditions and the various crazy hues that Virgin likes to pump through the in-cabin LED lighting. As you move around, you're actually transported between the aisle and seats. You also get a glimpse of premium economy class and the in-flight business class bar.

And here's 'The Business' in non-360-degree regular old video form:

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