Supercut Shows Both Sides Of Man Of Steel ‘s Infamous End Scene

Supercut Shows Both Sides Of Man Of Steel ‘s Infamous End Scene

The end of Man of Steel is one of the most talked-about scenes of the past decade. For some, it’s a heroic feat of wonder where good triumphed over evil. For others, it was unnecessary carnage and chaos for the sake of letting Zack Snyder do his thing. Spoiler warning.

What if we could see both perspectives at the same time?

YouTuber The Film Guy (you know it’s him because there’s a giant silly watermark on everything) compiled the ending scene from Man of Steel with the opening segment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to show the battle through both Superman and Bruce Wayne’s eyes.

On one hand, you have the hero fighting a dangerous battle for the good of humanity and on the other you see the destruction that fight creates and leaves behind.

It’s a pretty clever take on the controversy surrounding Snyder’s rendition of the DC Universe. He’s long been criticised for assuming dark equals good, creating these giant destructive battles that give Transformers a run for its money. Snyder’s defended the ever-increasing collateral damage bill over and over, saying it’s all for a reason.

According to Snyder, General Zod’s rampage helps inspire the Justice League’s formation in their upcoming cinematic debut, which comes out November 2017.

But do you know what has no reason? That watermark. Come on, man.