Suicide Squad Finally Gives Us A Glimpse Of Harley Quinn's Classic Outfit

It's the jumpsuit that started it all. We've been hearing rumours that Harley Quinn's classic jester outfit had been made for the Suicide Squad film, but we didn't know whether they actually used it. Well, B-roll footage released at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday has given us the answer, and it's a resounding "Hell yes!" Courtesy Warner Bros

Screengrab via YouTube

The footage includes a scene of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) lovingly "sizing up" her classic getup while finding an outfit for the squad's titular suiciding. While she does look upon her red and black jumpsuit with sweet affection, she does inevitably go with the short-shorts that have inspired many a cosplayer at this year's SDCC.

We also get a peek at the jumpsuit during a shot at the Joker's hideaway/trophy room. No word whether that's before or after Harley gets her hands on it, but I'm hoping it's before. No way Harley's going to let Joker keep her wardrobe.

Watch the video here:

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