Something Is Happening On Mr. Robot’s Facebook

Something Is Happening On Mr. Robot’s Facebook

Greetings, brothers and sisters. We are fsociety. By now, you know us. You’ve seen what we’re capable of.

A few hours ago, the Facebook page for Mr. Robot went live with a broadcast from a masked hacker, proclaiming revolution against evil corporations and global capitalism. Over the next day, messages will be sent from fsociety members around the world. Watch it, and get hype for the next season of the show.

Image: Supplied

This is just about the best piece of new-age, social media marketing for any TV show that we’ve ever seen. More than a Game of Thrones battle reel, more than a Silicon Valley comedy vignette, this is seriously next level. It feels real. In an age of Snowden and Wikileaks and Anonymous, we can believe it.

We’re told that something is coming specifically for the show’s Australian audience on Facebook later today — we’ll keep you posted. The show itself starts streaming in Australia, on Presto, on July 14. Given how unexpectedly awesome the first season was, we’ll be watching every single episode. [Facebook]