So Razer Has A Mechanical Keyboard Case For The Apple iPad Pro

Image: Supplied

The Razer Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Switch is making its world debut in a somewhat unlikely place — the Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for the Apple iPad Pro.

Each switch features a true actuation and reset point. Presses are registered with 70 grams of force, mimicking the feel of full-size mechanical keyboards in a form factor that's slim enough to accompany a mobile device.

Images: Supplied

Razer invested in its own exclusive keyboard switch production lines earlier this year "to raise the bar" on keyboard and keypad durability and performance. This led to new keyboard technology that made the thin design of the Razer Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Switch possible. Durability was also a focus, with the switch achieving an industry-best 80 million keystroke lifespan.

So it's going on an iPad.

The Apple iPad Pro case comes with Bluetooth for connectivity, a metal kickstand and battery life comes in at around 10 hours with backlighting on and 600 hours it off.

It is available now for — ooft — $259.95 (that's actual human dollars whoa) on Razer's website.

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