Skating On A Glass Skateboard Ends Exactly How You'd Expect It To End

Skating on a Glass Skateboard Ends Exactly How You'd Expect It to End

Or I guess, since the glass skateboard hilariously shatters into pieces right in the beginning, skating on a glass skateboard starts exactly how you'd think it'd start, too. Watch as Braille Skateboarding gets a glass skateboard deck, installs the trucks, sets the wheels, and then takes the glass board for a spin... only to break it the moment they step on it.

The build up is so great. I love these guys, I love that this happened, and I love how we'll never know what it's like to skate on a glass skateboard. The glass skateboard is part of a series where the guys at Braille Skateboarding ride all kinds of weird boards like an Xbox One skateboard, a metal skateboard, and a plexiglass skateboard.

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