NZ McDonald's 'Create A Burger' Campaign Destroyed By The Internet

Image: Ferrio, via NeoGAF

You have to be really, really careful when you run a creative competition on the internet, especially one where customers have access to your assets. Sadly, McDonald's New Zealand was taught this lesson only recently, with its create-a-burger campaign quietly shut down after being overrun with, well, tasteless jokes.

After NeoGAF user "studyguy" posted a link to the company's (now defunct) "Create Your Taste" website, its eventual demise was guaranteed.

Here's a selection of submissions from that thread, immortalised in screen-cap form.

Image: PodcastFips / NeoGAF
Image: Ferrio / NeoGAF
Image: Dongs Macabre / NeoGAF
Image: thegoosen / NeoGAF
Image: Foxix Von / NeoGAF

The company's Kiwi persona was in the news not long ago after sticking unsecured NFC tags under its restaurant tables. I think it might be time to lie low for a while, if that's even possible for a business like McDonald's.

[NeoGAF, via Dorkly]

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