Mercedes-Benz Will Take On Tesla With An Electric Sport Car

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The unstoppable Tesla juggernaut born from the electric vision of Elon Musk will soon have to compete with the world’s most formidable automaker, Mercedes-Benz.

This story was originally published on D’Marge.

According to reports from Australia’s Motoring magazine, Mercedes-Benz Australia executive David McCarthy revealed that the German marque is set to unveil a high-performance electric sedan at the Paris Motor Show in September.

The all-wheel-drive vehicle is believed to have a range of about 482km which puts it squarely on par with Tesla’s Model S P90D 509km range. This gives Tesla a “good reason to be concerned about it,” according to McCarthy. Given the top of the range Model S P90 retails for AU$215,000 locally, Mercedes will have to ensure that their tentative US$200,000 asking price is worth the bacon when it goes on sale in 2018.

This shouldn’t be a major issue since the brand already has a winning reputation in both motorsports and luxury vehicles. With the vast distances between cities in Australia, this news will come as a welcome amongst the growing fans of electric performance vehicles.

An electric version of the AMG GT R? Now there’s a scarily good idea. [via Autoblog]

This story was originally published on D’Marge.

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    So in 2018 Merc will release a car that can match the 2015 Tesla ...

      Agreed. And add to that, they'll probably still have teething problems to go through, before you even stop and consider that it's more than double the price.

      Last edited 13/07/16 12:20 pm

        ummm... yeah... Mercedes had an All Electric version of it's SLS super car working and for sale back in 2013. (granted, it was insanely expensive, but so is the petrol version). See Top Gear Season 20 Episode 4 for a review.

        When was the last time you read anything about any Mercedes-Benz model having "teething problems"? EVs are much simpler vehicles than ICE powered cars, pretty much any idiot could make one if they wanted to, and M-B have been producing hybrid cars for longer than Tesla has been in business. Mercedes-Benz's sister company, smart, have been making EVs for longer than Tesla anyway, with their first EVs hitting the streets of England in 2007, a year before the Tesla Roadster. The bottom line is that Mercedes-Benz has more experience and greater expertise when it comes to electric vehicles than Tesla will ever have.

          Yet their range, recharge and aesthetics are so bad, only Nissan employees own them. Nissan leaf 2016 is a polished turd. It doesn't matter how well you polish it, it's still a turd.

          Last edited 14/07/16 3:07 pm

    What "unstoppable juggernaut"? BMW sell more i3 EVs than Tesla sell Model S's and there are probably more Nissan Leafs on our roads, too. In the US, I reckon I saw three or four Chevy Volts for every Tesla I saw. The only "juggernaut is Tesla's shameless marketing.

      Seriously, you'd probably want to do some research before you post your own personal accounts as 'fact' or a useful observation ........The Chevy Volt is so successful that they stopped production over a year ago.
      Your anti Tesla mantra has been well noted here and considered nothing more than a troll at best.... move on dude

        Are you serious? They stopped selling the Volt here about a year ago but in the US there is a new 2016 model, with better range and reduced weight (more than 100kg lighter, despite great battery storage). It's also quite a bit faster. 30 seconds on Wikipedia could have saved you great embarrassment - - particularly after accusing me of failing to do my research.

        More annoying for you is that if you'd kept researching, you could have discovered that I was wrong about the BMW i3, which in fact has not sold as well as the Model S. Model S has sold 323 since it went on sale, the i3 just 106. I was right about the Nissan Leaf, though, there are 528 of those on the road in Australia.

        I am not "anti Tesla", I've been to their showroom in Artarmon several times to look at their cars and I'd be extremely keen to take one for a drive. I even went into their new store in Martin Pl last week to check it out. What I am is anti-bullshit and it just happens that pretty much every Tesla article written here is full of ill-informed bullshit.

          pretty much every Tesla article written here is full of ill-informed bullshit

          What I am is anti-bullshit

          pick one.

          Last edited 14/07/16 3:11 pm

      Here in Australia, Teslas are fairly common. You'd see at least one a day. Haven't seen the BMW i3 out on our roads yet. Unfortunately you still see Priuses as well.

        Seconded, I have seen 3 teslas around my suburb. I am yet to see a single i3.

    Interestingly Mercedes uses Telsa motors for its class B electric.

    Maybe MB are going to buy Model S chassis with battery and motors and just put a MB body and interior on it - the quoted figures would be about right.

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