Meet Yono, The In-Ear Fertility Wearable

A new wearable is on the market which aims to help women understand their ovulation cycles and predict their fertility window, by tracking your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) continuously, then transferring the data to your smartphone apps .

Image: Supplied

Yono is a silicone earpiece, worn during the night that measures and records continuous body temperature data every five minutes (compared to a traditional thermometer, which collects only one data point). Since BBT typically increases during ovulation, the recorded data is able to help you forecast the best time to concieve. Over longer periods of time, the system increases in accuracy by adjusting the temperature range it associates with ovulation for individual women.

A reported one in eight couples have trouble conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy, and the demand for tools for better understanding fertility has been high. Yono's Kickstarter campaign, which debuted last August and ran for 45 days, yielding almost double the original goal.

Until this point, women concerned about their BBT had to awake at the same time every morning and go through a complicated process of data collection. Now, women have the option of letting technology do the work much more easily and with much higher accuracy. After a night of wearing Yono, you connect the device to your smartphone, where it works with other health and wellness applications to collect and analyse data.

As the first company to have a large sample of continuous overnight temperature data, Yono says it will be able to aggregate data and provide more general insights into health.

Vanessa Xi, CEO and founder of Yono Labs says Yono will, in the future, continue to offer new, cutting edge innovations with its small earbud. "The small earbud will get even smarter as a continuous vital signs collector," Xi explains. "Heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen data will be at hand with Yono's help."

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