It's World Emoji Day, So Let's See What Australia's Most Popular Emoji Is

Image: World Emoji Day

Yes, it's unlikely we'll remember this as being a thing in 20 years, when facial expressions are fired directly into your ears using wax-powered mind beams, but for now, every July 17 we celebrate World Emoji Day. Hooray.

Twitter Australia, in an attempt to make sure the day does not go quietly into the smiley-faced night, has posted a number of local and international emoji stats.

Ever wondered what Australia's most popular emoji is? Anyone? Well, I'll tell you anyway.

Unsurprisingly, it's the same as the rest of the world — the "Face With Tears Of Joy". However, we tend to use the "Thumbs Up Sign" a bit more on average, a propensity we share with Germany.

New Zealand has apparently enraged the Emoji Gods.

Feel free to celebrate the day via your preferred form of communications platform, be it spamming Twitter, Facebook or your messaging app of choice with emojis. Or just treat it like a normal Sunday.

[World Emoji Day]

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