How Sansa's Development Is Mirrored In Her Fashion

Game of Thrones isn't just a pricey show because of all those CGI dragons, British actors and exotic locales. It also has some of the most thoughtful creatives building props, sets, and costumes. Especially costumes. Mild spoiler warning.

Redditor fusionesque has already done an comprehensive examinations of the costuming choices for Tyrion, Cersei, Jorah and Daenerys and now they have turned their focus to one of the show's other most dynamic characters, Sansa.

While the others had major physical transformations along the way (RIP Cersei's luscious locks), Sansa's development has often been deeply internalised — much like her feelings for the variety of husbands and fiances she's been stuck with.

But as fusionesque points out, Sansa really wears her heart (and a lot of damasking) on her sleeves.


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