Hasbro's Comic-Con Marvel Toys Are Down Right Weird (And Awesome)

It is 2016, and here is a set of action figures of the Collector, psychic cosmonaut spacedog Cosmo, Moon Boy (friend to Devil Dinosaur), Howard the Duck and Inhuman teleportation-pooch Lockjaw. What a world. What a lovely, ridiculous world. Revealed by IGN yesterday, The Collector's Vault is a five-pack set that is part of Hasbro's Marvel Legends range of 10cm-scaled action figures. The set will be initially exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks time, but additional sets will be made available after the convention ends on Hasbro's own website, or at Fan Expo in Canada this September.

It seems like only Moon Boy (replaced in the current comics by a modern-day Moon Girl) and the Collector himself are actually fully articulated figures, but it is still extremely cool to see toys of these beloved, and incredibly bizarre characters. On top of being an eclectic mix of heroes, the bundle includes three equally weird accessories from the Collector's treasury: The Zodiac Key, the Casket of Ancient Winters and the Wand of Watoomb.

If you want your own set, it will cost you a hefty $US70 ($94) at SDCC. That is a lot, but look how cute Lockjaw is!

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