Guy Builds One-Man ‘Multicopter’, Sounds Like An Army Of Bees

Guy Builds One-Man ‘Multicopter’, Sounds Like An Army Of Bees

Quadcopters and drones? Old hat, my friends. It’s time we built something that can get a person into the air! Wait, we’ve already done that? OK, how about this guy who built his own “multicopter”? That’s a heck of a lot more impressive.

I couldn’t track down the creator’s name, but his channel, AmazingDIYProjects, documents the creation of his flying contraption from start to finish.

According to the first video in the series, the multicopter makes use of eight 11.5HP gas engines, stuck on an aluminium frame. It has a total weight of 120kg (with pilot) and a maximum thrust of 200kg.

If you want to see him take off in the copter, just skip to the 13-minute mark.

Sure it sounds like he’s being attacked by squadrons of bees and it sucks fuel at 0.65-0.7L per minute, but for a glorious few moments, he’s airborne.

[YouTube, via Geekologie]