GoPro's New Backpack Has Everything You Need For Winter Adventures

Say hello to the perfect GoPro-compatible bag to travel with. Seeker, a backpack designed specifically by GoPro is weather-resistant, made from lightweight material and its strategically placed, secure compartments make it easy to carry equipment while still staying immersed in the action.

Image: Supplied

Seeker comes engrained with three wearable mounts, including a chest mount, a removable shoulder strap mount and a 3-Way side mount (which is sold separately) to help you capture footage before, during and after any adventure.

Images: Supplied

And that's just on the outside. Once you crack open Seeker, you'll find customised protective storage for up to five GoPros (even in water housing) plus mounts and accessories as well as a two-litre hydration pocket. Hear that? It's your old backpack crying because you'll never need to carry another bag again.

You can pick one up for $260 online.

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